[Bamboo Charcoal Salt from Suzu Tennen Sangyo]

This is a special glossy-like Japanese black sea salt. The process for making this salt holds the secret to its rich and full flavor though. The salt is packed into Noto Peninsula’s three-year-old green bamboo. We are committed to only using the Noto Peninsula products because this is where the warm current meets the cold current, bringing saltier water to the region. After the bamboo is packed, it is then slowly roasted for three days at about 1000 degrees in an old-fashioned Japanese kettle. It takes a lot of time and effort to bake for 2 weeks, but the flavor makes it all worth it. The result of this preparation, is a milder salt, with a hint of smokiness and a sweet finish. Visibly interesting as well, this is a great salt for things such as steak, yakiniku, sushi and sashimi.

After careful quality inspection from the president will we ship it to you. The whole process for getting the Bamboo Charcoal Salt ready proved quite difficult and took several years to get it perfect. We spent much time perfecting the bamboo shape and getting it commercialized, but now, finally the product is ready for you! La French Touch gives you quality assurance that your Bamboo Charcoal Salt will be of the upmost standards. Please give it a try!



[Karakona Grain Mustard]

When you think of mustard, you likely think of the European area, but this Japanese Karakona Grain Mustard even surprised our native French chefs for its amazing robust flavor. We wanted to highlight the local and rare vegetables of Noto. The Noto Peninsula is the first region in Japan which has been designated as “Globally Important Agricultural Heritage”. These mustard greens are native to the Shimokarakawa district of Anagawa-cho on the Noto Peninsula. The mustard just hit the market in March 2020 and is one of our newest products.

When the Karakona Grain Mustard hits your palate, you will be surprised at the settle spiciness it has. Its robust flavor will leave you wanting more! The condiment goes well with most Japanese foods, as well as breads and meats such as ham and sausages. It has an exquisite taste when mixed with mayonnaise as well. Perfect for a gift or a treat for yourself!



[Sesame Miso]

Everyone appreciates food in the castle town of Kanazawa, the capital of Ishikawa, especially with the richness of fermented foods. Kanazawa also has a history of being one of Japan’s five largest producers of soy sauce an our Kanazawa/Ono’s “Yamato Soy Sauce Miso” uses a traditional manufacturing method as well and will be featured later. This miso paste has a strong “hishiho scent” (the flavor of fermentation due to the koji) that won’t leave you disappointed. It has a taste you definitely want to appreciate with all your senses. In fact, in the three prefectures of Hokuriku, only Kanazawa makes sesame miso with black sesame.

The brown rice amazake is carefully ground with organic black sesame seeds, contributing to a delicate process making this a one of a kind special treat. This Sesame Miso is full of flavor and can add a punch to any bread or sweets and is always tasty with raw or cooked vegetables. It is a staple item that can be widely used in almost everything.