quintessence of Japan

Fine selection of exceptional handmade products from all over Japan.
Bridge the gap between Japanese producers and consumers. Makers who want to present their products in a way that has never been done before, and Japanese customers who want to discover unique local specialties, as well as foreign customers living in Japan who want to discover Japan’s specialty products. LA BOX, which collects the essence of Japanese food culture in a luxurious case, expresses these thoughts of the duo.

At least 15 amazing
and unique products

Only 100 box
per edition

Made In Japan

"Il n'y a pas de bonne cuisine sans de bons produits...

...et pas de bons produits sans de bons producteurs*"

*Without the best ingredients, there can be no best cuisine. The best ingredients cannot be produced without good producers.
Chef François Audrin
Chef Sébastien Martin


Sébastien Martin and François Audrin, known as the founders and chefs of La French Touch, a Tokyo-based luxury catering service company. The duo travels throughout Japan in search of the richest ingredients representing each region.



The bond between producers and ingredients. Tasty products carefully selected and placed in handmade wooden boxes.

La box

Symbols of each province How to cook food and Our Vision With local traditional crafts


Blessings of Satoyama and the Sea

Ingredients nurtured by the rich nature of Ishikawa’s satoyama and satoumi. A gem that lets you fully enjoy its carefully selected flavors.

The Essence of Tohoku Soul

A rare crystallization of ingredients born from the spirit of the Tohoku region
The benefits of mellow terroir

Special booklet introducing each LA BOX

Enjoy the booklet that describes the philosophy of La French Touch, photos of the journey with the producer who was the starting point, product descriptions, and original recipes.

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